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Welcome to PDPW – Professional Dairy Producers®

We believe in a producer-led vision, matched with a best-in-class experience. PDPW is a network of producers and allied industry members from across the nation and globe. We represent every type and size of dairy farm and value the diversity of today's dairy farming business.

That's what sets PDPW apart. We're diverse in our individual business practices and goals, yet share a united commitment to continuous improvement, lifelong learning, and in the end, our "dairy" brand.

We offer best-in-class education representing the latest ideas, solutions, resources and experiences to help dairy producers succeed.

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Best-in-class education. Designed by dairy farmers, for dairy farmers.
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In partnership with Agri-View and published seven times a year, Dairy's Bottom Line features stories, news articles and access to resources that are important to your dairy business. Stay refreshed and in the know with Dairy's Bottom Line.
Engage in the dairy community – see how fellow producers are tackling on-farm challenges and opportunities.
"PDPW is the most advanced and dynamic farmer-led group.  It is simply second to none in the dairy industry and I am proud to be a part of the vision for the next generation while serving as the Board’s Vice President." - Katy Schultz
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