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Dairy's Professional Development Organization

Save the date for dairy's premier educational event:
The 2019 PDPW Business Conference is scheduled for March 13-14, 2019 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wis.

This year's Conference will feature on-point topics and dynamic educational sessions presented by world-renowned speakers. A producer committee of active dairy producers is currently working on the 2019 agenda, speaker line-up and entertainment showcase.

More information will be available soon for the 27th annual 2019 PDPW Business Conference.

Count on the Conference to deliver:
  • Expert speakers and producer panelists
  • Powerful keynote sessions
  • Relevant specialty and breakout sessions
  • Small-group learning lounge sessions
  • New research previews
  • Hands-on labs

Business Conference is where you'll connect with a new idea, an old friend, a global perspective, the latest technology and a trusted resource.

Keep your eye on the future
The PDPW annual Business Conference offers best-in-class education and networking that strives to provide education and inspiration for a vibrant and thriving dairy infrastructure, leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.
Who attends?
We bring together thousands of dairy farmers and agribusiness people from around the globe. This is dairy's go-to educational event. With 70 percent of attendees representing dairy farm owners and managers, you are exposed to the movers and shakers in dairying. Who else attends?  Food companies, marketers, distributors and other food system professionals that rely on the continuous improvement and viability of a strong dairy sector.
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Gain access to the world's leading experts,
in and out of industry
Take away actionable insights from over 50 of the best and brightest leaders across the globe. Take in the most advanced ideas, latest technologies and management practices available. Gain real-world teaching that lead to real results.
Agenda and Program
Develop your personal and professional skills
Advance your capabilities through dozens of educational sessions. Discover new leadership paradigms; cultivate team building and elevate internal and external communications; strengthen your business strategy; and amplify your herd production, health, performance and beyond.
Refine your expertise
With four education tracks in animal care/food safety, business/financial, HR/management/next gen and social license (consumer trust, environment, policy), there is something for everyone. Deepen your understanding in a specific discipline, trend or technology, or advance in multiple areas.
See the line-up
Network and relax
Business Conference is all inclusive. You'll have every opportunity to talk with a fellow producer over lunch, rub elbows with agribusiness leaders over the Connection "Wisconsin-Style Cheese, Beer and Wine" Reception, or take in the quiet of your thoughts or the music of the band. This is your time to shine; meet new people and make connections that will shape your profession for a lifetime.
Conference venue
It's all under one roof!  Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, Wis.


Compeer Financial

We support PDPW because of their commitment to moving the dairy industry forward, being a powerful ‘voice’ and providing all dairy farmers with educational opportunities and more. At Compeer Financial, supporting dairy farmers is a big part of what we do, partnering together to develop financial strategies that meet their goals.  Ultimately, our success depends on their success.  And PDPW plays an important role in helping to cultivate that knowledge and success.     – Steve Schwoerer, Senior Dairy Lending Specialist


Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

PDPW provides cutting-edge educational seminars and distributes critical information about the most up to date technology to dairy producers and veterinarians across Wisconsin.  Boehringer Ingelheim is proud to partner with PDPW because we believe in the mission of PDPW: to promote healthy, profitable milk production.  Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to supporting community organizations that educate consumers and dairy producers about the importance of solid management practices and the use of quality animal health products to improve the production of healthy meat and milk.  PDPW is stellar example of such an organization and we are very proud to be a Mission sponsor.   – Tom Heiman, Senior Territory Manager

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin builds awareness of Wisconsin-produced dairy products by creating national publicity, managing digital advertising, and driving sales, distribution and trial through retail and foodservice promotions. It also supports in-school education about the benefits of dairy and funding for the UW Center for Dairy Research.  This organization exists to be tireless advocates, marketers and promoters for Wisconsin dairy farmers and to drive demand for Wisconsin dairy products. – Chad Vincent, CEO

Focus on Energy

Agriculture energy expenditures in Wisconsin amount to roughly $681.4 million each year. Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s statewide utility program, aims to help farmers save money and use energy more efficiently while maintaining a modern, safe operation. Being a third party resource to Wisconsin’s agricultural community through organizations such as the PDPW, Focus on Energy is able to provide an unbiased source of information to help agribusinesses understand their farm’s energy use, evaluate potential equipment upgrades, and prioritize energy efficiency. PDPW is committed to lifelong learning by continuing to support educating and improving environmental management practices for Wisconsin’s farming industry.    - Laura Dachel, Marketing Specialist

Land O' Lakes

Land O Lakes, Inc. is proud to be a founding Mission Sponsor of PDPW. As a farmer-owned cooperative, we share PDPW’s mission of advancing our industry to meet evolving customer and consumer needs – and ultimately help feed the growing global population. The educational and leadership opportunities provided by PDPW helps reinforce dairy farmers’ longstanding reputation as committed stewards of their land and animals, and trusted producers of the highest quality milk.     – Glenda Gehl, Master Dairy Advisor Program Director, Member Relations

Landmark Services Cooperative

Landmark Services Cooperative’s core purpose is to help farmers grow, which is why we invested in PDPW.  PDPW is a great organization, committed to education, designed for farmers and industry professionals.  We promote the ongoing development of a strong dairy industry and one that continues to provide a quality product for consumers and profits for producers.  The quality of programming is what caught our attention.  As a farmer-led organization, they’re second to none in the development of education and training.  The opportunity to partner with PDPW was a natural fit.  It was a quick decision and will make us both stronger.  What’s right for the producer is right for us.     – Ted Koehler, Dairy Technical Sales Manager


The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin is a rare, one-of-a-kind organization: farmer led, forward-thinking leaders who drive change through education for the betterment of dairy farmers, the food system and consumers. From ensuring food safety to your passion for cow care and respect for natural resources, PDPW helps dairy farmers not only stay in step with but also build trusted relationships with customers and consumers. As dairy’s professional development organization, PDPW is about helping enable continuous improvement at the farm-level. It’s not hard to want to support and get behind something like that, especially when our own roots are in dairy. Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor and serve you!     – Linda Wenck, Principal Director, Corporate Affairs & Social Responsibility

Mycogen Seeds

Mycogen Seeds’ partnership with PDPW is a natural fit as we are strong supporters of PDPW’s mission to provide ideas, tools and support for the advancement of the dairy industry. The progressive thinking PDPW membership works hard to produce high quality milk in a safe, sustainable way. Mycogen Seeds is relentlessly dedicated to helping producers find new opportunities to maximize production on their dairy operation with high-quality silage hybrids proven to provide better digestibility and increased milk production. We work better when we work together.  — Rachael Christiansen, Forages Marketing Leader

Professional Dairy Producers Foundation

The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation is a mission sponsor of PDPW because we believe that education is the key to healthy and vibrant dairy communities.  PDPW fulfills that promise by providing programs that are consistent with the Foundation strategic vision of a professional, proactive and prepared dairy community.  PDPW is the perfect platform for the Foundation to focus support in these key areas: raising up the next generation of the dairy community and maintaining public trust in dairy’s people and products.   – Deb Reinhart, Executive Director

Zinpro Performance Minerals

Zinpro Corporation supports PDPW as a mission sponsor because the PDPW is a dairy producer driven organization that values education as a way to grow the dairy industry and improve the lives of dairy producers, their employees and the animals that they care for.  Zinpro has a continuing commitment to providing scientifically researched products and solutions to improve the performance of livestock by improving their health and productivity.   By supporting PDPWs mission, Zinpro helps to insure a vibrant dairy industry to help to feed the world’s growing population in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.     - Floyd Sutton, Key Account Manager