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A thought or two from people like you...

Floyd Sutton
"This Business Conference crowd is a high-quality group of dairy producers who come to learn. It's a great place to make partnerships with dairy producers with that kind of mindset." Floyd Sutton, key account manager, Zinpro Corporation
Greg Andersen
"The entertainment and keynote speakers at PDP Business Conference are top of the line. The entire event is educational and motivational. There's a good selection of seminars and all of them are very relevant to today's dairy businesses." Greg Andersen, Seagull Bay Dairy, American Falls, Idaho
Jim Mlsna
"Dairy farms are places of learning. If we want to be the best teachers for our children, grandchildren, or employees, we need to attend events like the PDP Business Conference to pay our own learning forward."  Jim Mlsna, owner, Ocooch Dairy, Hillsboro, Wis.
Katy Schultz
"Business Conference is the perfect mixture of networking with high-quality farmers, engaging with top-notch speakers and exploring world-renowned ag businesses and products." Katy Schultz, PDP Board Member and owner, Tri-Fecta Farm, Fox Lake, Wis.
Mike Austin
"If you're in the business of dairy, you need to make it your business to attend. It's a communications hub of networking and an innovation center. I can't think of any other meeting like it," Mike Austin, agricultural news tv and radio personality, WBAY-TV, WFRV-TV and WTAQ-AM and WTAQ-FM.