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Dairy Signal Speakers:

Tue., Feb. 27
Andrea Miller
Outreach Program Manager, Communications & Training, Center for Dairy Research

Wed., Feb. 28
Dr. Dale Woerner
PhD, Professor and Cargill Endowed Professor in Sustainable Meat Science, Texas Tech University

Thu., Feb. 29
Steve Van Lannen
President and Chief Operating Officer of American Foods Group

Training Sessions

Presenters and topics by week, with a brief description of each day's episode topic and featured presenter(s): 

Week 186: Tax Prep, Cover Crop Fertility, Energy Conservation: (watch now)
Tuesday, Nov. 28
Tax time is typically not a dairy producer’s favorite time of year, but the process can be much easier with a clear and comprehensive recordkeeping system. Tune in to learn about the critical information for tax preparation and how to best work with a tax professional team. Episode presenter will be:

  • Katie Wantoch, MBA, Farm Management Professor of Practice, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, Agriculture Institute 
Wednesday, Nov. 29
Hear the results of recent nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) research in cover crops and get an update on yield data for this harvest season. Episode presenter will be:
  • Matthew Oehmichen, part owner of Short Lane Ag Supply
Thursday, Nov. 30
Understanding where your energy use is coming from and finding solutions to reduce usage leads to increased profitability. Our series on The Path to Smarter Energy continues with a conversation about the benefits and options for energy metering and energy conservation.  Episode presenters will be:
  • Mark Inkrott, Co-Founder and Partner, UpField Group
  • Paul Walker, Strategic Segment Leader, EnTech Solutions
  • Matt Zabel, Solutions Architect, Faith Technologies 

Week 185: Colostrum Benefits & Dairy Market Update: (watch now)
Tuesday, Nov. 21
Go beyond the basics in this interactive discussion about colostrum, including what is in it and the factors that influence colostrum quality.  Learn why feeding colostrum more than once can benefit newborn calves. Episode presenters will be:

  • Dr. Sabine Mann, PhD., Associate Professor of Ambulatory and Production Medicine at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Trent Westhoff, PhD candidate, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Wednesday, Nov. 22
As 2023 winds down, tune in to hear about the news and trends that will influence dairy and ag markets for the rest of the year and into 2024, with a focus on how it will impact your farm or business. Episode presenter will be:
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

Week 184: Profitability Tips, Feedback & Cost of Production: (watch now)
Tuesday, Nov. 14
Economic factors outside of agriculture impact agricultural profitability every year. Currently, there are many uncertainties that farmers face: inflation, interest rates, trade disruptions, technology innovations. These factors all have long term implications to the five strategic levers of profitability a farmer can pull to increase profitability for their farm. Episode presenter will be:

  • Dr. Brady Brewer, PhD, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics Department, Purdue University
Wednesday, Nov. 15
Learn the difference between “reinforcement” feedback that encourages continued positive behaviors and “redirection” feedback designed to improve performance and engagement, and how you can effectively use each with your team members. Episode presenter will be:
  • Liz Griffith, Liz Griffith Family Consulting
Thursday, Nov. 16
Understanding cost of production is the foundation of effective dairy management. Hear the results of recent studies on cost of production, as well as ways to calculate cost of production and how it can be used to make management decisions. Episode presenters will be:
  • Dr. Kevin Bernhardt, Professor of Agribusiness at UW-Platteville School of Agriculture and Farm Management Specialist with UW-Extension and Center for Dairy Profitability
  • Dr. Charles Nicholson, Associate Professor, Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences and Agricultural & Applied Economics, UW-Madison

Week 183:Employee Management, Replacement Heifers, Market Update: (watch now)
Tuesday, Nov. 7
The more employees you add, the more complex employee challenges become. Tune in for an interactive discussion on strategies and tools for managing employees effectively.

  • Tim Schaefer, CFP, Certified Family Business Advisor, Certified Professional Business Coach, Encore Consultants
Wednesday, Nov. 8
Take a deep dive into the economics of raising heifers at home compared with a custom heifer raiser, focusing on the issues that factor in the decision-making process. 
  • Dr. Mike Overton, DVM, MPVM, Global Dairy Platform Lead, Zoetis Animal Health
Thursday, Nov. 9
As the holiday season and year’s end approach, we’ll take a look at the economic issues, export news and consumer trends likely to impact your dairy farm for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024. Tune in and bring your questions for our economic expert. 
  • Dan Basse, President, AgResource Company

Week 182: Energy Plans, Managing Hypocalcemia and Milk Checks: (watch now)
Tuesday, Oct. 31
Using energy as efficiently as possible not only reduces expenses on your farm, it also provides an opportunity to demonstrate sustainability and environmental stewardship to consumers, policymakers and others. Join in to learn about the process and benefits of developing a strategic energy plan for your farm. 

  • Mark Inkrott, Co-Founder and Partner of UpField Group
  • Paul Walker, Strategic Segment Leader, EnTech Solutions
Wednesday, Nov. 1
Tune in for an interactive discussion on practices to manage fresh cows to reduce the impact of hypocalcemia as they enter the milking herd.
  • Dr. Luciano Caixeta, PhD, Associate Professor of Dairy Production Medicine, University of Minnesota
Thursday, Nov. 2
An increasing number of changes to line items on milk checks combined with price volatility is making dairy risk management even more challenging.  Learn about the variables that impact pay prices, what factors you can control and key risk management decisions to make. 
  • Will Babler, Principal, Atten Babler Commodities LLC 

Week 181: Soil Health, Cheese Promotion and Water Quality: (watch now)
Tuesday, Oct. 24
Join this interactive discussion to learn what’s new in soil-health and manure-use research as well as cover crops in dairy systems. 

  • Dr. Matt Ruark, PhD, Professor and Extension Soil Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wednesday, Oct.25
As the holiday entertaining season nears, tune in for an update on the ways that Wisconsin cheese is being promoted around the U.S. and the globe all throughout the year. 
  • Chad Vincent, CEO of Dairy Famers of Wisconsin
  • Mike Edge, Senior Marketing Director-East, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin
Thursday, Oct. 26
Test your water quality knowledge in this special “Fact or Fiction” episode focused on misconceptions of water quality impacts of practices, as well as cover crop management.
  • Amber Radatz, Agricultural Water Quality Program Manager, UW-Madison Division of Extension
  • Todd Schaumburg, Part Owner and Agronomist, Tilth Agronomy

Week 180: Protecting Your Farm, Team Members and Finances: (watch now)
Tuesday, Oct. 10
October is recognized as National Fire Prevention Month; a long-time fire department chief will lead an interactive discussion about best practices for fire prevention on farms of all sizes. 

  • Chief Gerald Minor, Pittsville Fire Department
Wednesday, Oct.11
Acting quickly is paramount immediately following critical accidents and medical emergencies. Learn about how to use common items to employ life-saving tactics when prompt action is of vital importance. 
  • Chris St. Pierre, Safety Instructor
Thursday, Oct. 12
As the weather cools and harvest begins its full swing, hear about what is driving ag and dairy markets today and discover which trends will have the most impact into 2024. 
  • Dan Basse, President, AgResource Company

Week 179: Energy Conservation, Harvest Health and Ketosis: (watch now)
Tuesday, Oct. 3
October is Energy Awareness Month, so we kick off the month with a discussion of ways to conserve energy and tips on conducting an energy audit for your farm, home or business. 

  • Joel Roltgen, CEM, Agribusiness Energy Advisor, Focus On Energy
  • Kevin Weiler, Energy Advisor, Focus On Energy
Wednesday, Oct.4
Harvest brings long hours, many of which are spent inside a combine, tractor or truck cab. Learn stretches that can help prevent stiffness and injury during this important season. 
  • Morgan Ekovich, Owner & Head Trainer of Get Fit with ME LLC
Thursday, Oct. 5
Tune in for a conversation about fresh cow management with a focus on reducing the impact of hypocalcemia and ketosis. 
  • Dr. Luciano Caixeta, PhD, Associate Professor of Dairy Production Medicine, University of Minnesota

Week 178: Transition Milk, NMPF Update and Market News : (watch now)
Tuesday, Sept. 26
Join in for an interactive discussion on using transition milk in calf feeding programs, including how long to incorporate it and a review of potential side effects.

  • Dr. Theresa Ollivett, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Large Animal), Assistant Professor, Food Animal Production Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Wednesday, Sept. 27
Meet new leadership at National Milk Producers Federation and learn about priorities for the organization and initiatives that will impact the industry and dairy producers.
  • Jim Mulhern, President & CEO, National Milk Producers Federation
  • Gregg Doud, Chief Operating Officer, National Milk Producers Federation
Thursday, Sept. 28
As the third quarter of 2023 wraps up, tune in for an update on dairy markets, exports and industry news that will impact producers for the remainder of the year and the start of 2024.
  • Ben Buckner, Chief Grains and Dairy Analyst at AgResource 

Week 177: Financial Planning, Geopolitics and Calf Health: (watch now)
Tuesday, Sept. 19
Dairy finances are commonly discussed in agriculture. On this episode, we’ll dive deeper into various aspects of retirement as well as circumstances in which there is potential to invest outside of the farm, including factors to consider in positioning one’s business for success down the road.

  • Dr. Brady Brewer, PhD, assistant professor, Agricultural Economics Department, Purdue University
Wednesday, Sept. 20
Tune in for a discussion on the top geopolitical developments in the world, including the Russia-Ukraine war, Chinese and European economic woes, and a new class of rising powers, along with possible impacts on global agricultural commodities, particularly dairy.
  • Jacob Shapiro, partner and director of geopolitical analysis, Cognitive Investments
Thursday, Sept. 21
Join us for an interactive conversation about improving calf health and immune function with a focus on postnatal calf management and nutrition.
  • Dr. Lautaro Rostoll Cangiano, Assistant Professor, Bovine Immunology, Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences, UW-Madison

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