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Dairy Signal Speakers:

Tue., Sep. 26
Dr. Theresa Ollivett
DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Large Animal), Assistant Professor in Food Animal Production Medicine section at UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine

Wed., Sep. 27
Jim Mulhern
President & CEO, National Milk Producers Federation

Wed., Sep. 27
Gregg Doud
Chief Operating Officer, National Milk Producers Federation

Thu., Sep. 28
Ben Buckner
Chief Grains and Dairy Analyst at AgResource

Training Sessions

Presenters and topics by week, with a brief description of each day's episode topic and featured presenter(s): 

Week 178: Transition Milk, NMPF Update and Market News : (watch now)
Tuesday, Sept. 26
Join in for an interactive discussion on using transition milk in calf feeding programs, including how long to incorporate it and a review of potential side effects.

  • Dr. Theresa Ollivett, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Large Animal), Assistant Professor, Food Animal Production Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Wednesday, Sept. 27
Meet new leadership at National Milk Producers Federation and learn about priorities for the organization and initiatives that will impact the industry and dairy producers.
  • Jim Mulhern, President & CEO, National Milk Producers Federation
  • Gregg Doud, Chief Operating Officer, National Milk Producers Federation
Thursday, Sept. 28
As the third quarter of 2023 wraps up, tune in for an update on dairy markets, exports and industry news that will impact producers for the remainder of the year and the start of 2024.
  • Ben Buckner, Chief Grains and Dairy Analyst at AgResource 

Week 177: Financial Planning, Geopolitics and Calf Health: (watch now)
Tuesday, Sept. 19
Dairy finances are commonly discussed in agriculture. On this episode, we’ll dive deeper into various aspects of retirement as well as circumstances in which there is potential to invest outside of the farm, including factors to consider in positioning one’s business for success down the road.

  • Dr. Brady Brewer, PhD, assistant professor, Agricultural Economics Department, Purdue University
Wednesday, Sept. 20
Tune in for a discussion on the top geopolitical developments in the world, including the Russia-Ukraine war, Chinese and European economic woes, and a new class of rising powers, along with possible impacts on global agricultural commodities, particularly dairy.
  • Jacob Shapiro, partner and director of geopolitical analysis, Cognitive Investments
Thursday, Sept. 21
Join us for an interactive conversation about improving calf health and immune function with a focus on postnatal calf management and nutrition.
  • Dr. Lautaro Rostoll Cangiano, Assistant Professor, Bovine Immunology, Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences, UW-Madison

Week 176: Team Dynamics, Culling Decisions and Market News: (watch now)
Tuesday, Sept. 12
Join the discussion about work team dynamics and strategies to help teams work more fluidly. The ideas and solutions brought forth will be based on Patrick Lencioni’s classic book, Five Disfunctions of a Team

  • Tim Schaefer, CFP, Certified Family Business Advisor, Certified Professional Business Coach, Encore Consultants
Wednesday, Sept. 13
Keep cows and people safe, calm, and productive by understanding animal behavior and proper animal handling techniques. Join the conversation about moving animals more effectively and learn how to incorporate predictable animal behavior to effectively assess a cow’s natural pressure zone to increase production, wellbeing and more. 
  • Dr. Kurt Vogel, PhD, Director, Humane Handling Institute, and Associate Professor, Animal Welfare and Behavior, UW-River Falls
Thursday, Sept. 14
With fall just around the corner, get an update on the market, export and weather news that will impact the dairy industry and your operation through harvest and winter 2023. Bring your questions for our bi-weekly market update. 
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

Week 175: Farm Transitions, Electrical Safety, Prenup Agreements: (watch now)
Tuesday, Sept. 5
Join an interactive discussion on navigating through farm transitions, including the responsibilities, people issues and emotional challenges involved. Learn tips and tactics to maintain and strengthen relationships throughout the entire process.

  • Monica McConkey, Rural Mental Health Counselor, Eyes on the Horizon Consulting
Wednesday, Sept. 6
As you look ahead to the fast-paced harvest season, take time to review electrical safety basics for in the field and around grain bins. Keep the entire team safe by taking precautions and developing an emergency plan for grain bin safety. 
  • Scott Dilley, Manager Customer Operations and AG Compliance, Alliant Energy
  • Kent Sodawasser, Lead Corporate Safety Consultant, Alliant Energy
  • Chief Gerald Minor, Pittsville Fire Department
Thursday, Sept. 7
Learn the ins and outs of prenuptial agreements, including scenarios in which they are appropriate, the steps to obtain one and key points to include and discuss through the process. 
  • Troy Schneider, Partner and Attorney at Twohig, Rietbrock, Schneider & Halbach Law Office

Week 174: Workplace Strategies, Genetic Selection, Market Update: (watch now)
Tuesday, Aug. 29
Explore some tried-and-true tactics for building a productive workplace environment with a focus on alleviating the negative effects caused by team members who chronically complain and drain energy of their co-workers. 

  • Linda Swindling, Founder & CEO of JourneyOn
Wednesday, Aug. 30
Take a deep dive into genetic selection for health traits in dairy cattle, including what specific genetic codes mean and which producers should be selecting – and avoiding – when making genetic selection decisions. 
  • Daniel Weigel, PhD, Outcomes Research, Zoetis
Thursday, Aug. 31
As summer winds down, tune in for an interactive discussion on trends in dairy exports, markets, weather and other factors heading into harvest season. 
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

Week 173: Financial Management, Silage Harvest, Beef Demand: (watch now)
Tuesday, Aug. 22
Because asset purchases are a significant expense, it’s critical for farmers to know which tools and technologies actually reduce costs. This session will dive into tips and tools farmers can use to analyze asset purchases and costs on their farm to become more cost efficient. 

  • Dr. Brady Brewer, PhD, assistant professor, Agricultural Economics Department, Purdue University
Wednesday, Aug. 23
Tune in for a timely discussion on managing corn through harvest and optimizing harvest under a wide range of crop conditions, including timing of silage harvest, late-season adjustments, and protecting nutritional quality. Presenters will also discuss alfalfa quality and late-season considerations. 
  • Dr. John Goeser, PhD, Director of Nutritional Research & Innovation, Rock River Lab, Inc., and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Todd Schaumburg, Part Owner and Agronomist, Tilth Agronomy
Thursday, Aug. 24
How are consumers addressing higher beef prices at grocery stores and restaurants? Hear about consumer trends as well as supply and demand for beef and other grocery staples at the retail level. 
  • Mike Simone, Executive Director, Market Research and Intelligence, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
  • Brandon Scholz, President and CEO of the Wisconsin Grocers Association

Week 172: 2023 Weather, Market and Nutrient Management Outlook: (watch now)
Tuesday, Aug. 15
Tune in for a look at nutrient management plans and how producers can effectively implement effective strategies and practices in their plans. 

  • Daniel Smith, Southwest Regional Agronomist, Nutrient and Pest Management Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wednesday, Aug. 16
As summer winds down and attention turns to silage and fall harvest, an overview of fall weather and potential harvest conditions becomes important. 
  • Eric Snodgrass, Principal Atmospheric Scientist, Nutrien Ag Solutions
Thursday, Aug. 17
Don’t miss an update on the market trends, exports, weather and other news that could impact your operation the rest of 2023.
  • Dan Basse, President, AgResource Company

Week 171: Cheese Research, Onboarding Tips & Alfalfa Management: (watch now)
Tuesday, Aug. 8
Hear about the research, processing and marketing opportunities for wheyless cheese. This innovative product is made by producing a cheese powder using milk solids in the United States, which can then be sent anywhere in the world to be recombined with fat and water to produce a wheyless cheese. 

  • John Jaeggi, Cheese Industry and Applications Coordinator, Center for Dairy Research
Wednesday, Aug. 9
A well-planned, well-executed process for onboarding new employees pays dividends for the entire team. Learn strategies to enhance a new employee’s experience and boost retention. 
  • Don Tyler, Founder of Tyler & Associates, Executive and Management Coach
Thursday, Aug. 10
Considering late summer seeding of alfalfa? Tune in for an interactive discussion on the advantages and disadvantages, preparing for planting and other management practices. 
  • Dr. Don Miller, Plant Breeder and Consultant

Week 170: Dairy Product Research, Market News & Strategies: (watch now)
Tuesday, Aug. 1
Take a deep dive into the opportunities for dairy in microbiome-centered therapeutic applications. Hear about the latest research on the underutilized whey protein phospholipid concentrate and its potential as an alternative source of bioactive compounds. 

  • Dr. Gulustan Ozturk, PhD, assistant professor, Food Science Department, UW-Madison
Wednesday, Aug. 2
Tune in for a review of market drivers, trends and fundamentals for both milk and feed markets, then take that understanding to the next level with a discussion of practical risk-management tools and strategies to apply them to current market opportunities. 
  • Will Babler, Principal, Atten Babler Commodities LLC 
Thursday, Aug. 3
As the silage and grain harvest approaches, factors such as weather, exports, and other variables impacting dairy and ag markets will come into play. Tune in for a breakdown. 
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

Week 169: On-Farm Ice Cream, Soil Health & Feed Outlook: (watch now)
Tuesday, July 25
Nothing says summer like ice cream. This panel discussion will feature two dairy producers who added value to their operations with on-farm creameries. They’ll share the ins and outs of starting and operating a creamery, with their comments on production, sales, marketing and more. 

  • Ken Smith, dairy producer and owner, Moo Thru Ice Cream
  • William Lesher, owner/partner, Way-Har Farms, LLC and Way-Har Farm Market, LLC
Wednesday, July 26
Healthy crops start with healthy soils. Join an interactive conversation about the ingredients in healthy soils and what producers can do to optimize their soils throughout the year. 
  • Dr. Jamie Patton, PhD, CPSS, Wisconsin State Soil Health Coordinator, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Thursday, July 27
Tune in for a timely update on the condition of 2023 feed crops and what to look for in fields, especially acreage representing a variety of maturity levels due to uneven germination. Our experts will also share what nutritionists are recommending to make the most of remaining feed inventories. This episode is presented in collaboration with the UW-Extension and will feature:
  • Jerry Clark, Regional Crops & Soils Educator, UW-Extension
  • Dr. Luiz Ferraretto, Assistant Professor and Ruminant Nutrition Extension Specialist, UW-Madison

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