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Dairy Signal Speakers:

Tue., Mar. 28
Connie Kuber
Co-owner, Connor Agriscience

Wed., Mar. 29
Dr. Hilario Mantovani, PhD
Assistant Professor, Animal & Dairy Sciences, UW-Madison

Wed., Mar. 29
Ana Julia Moreira
Research Intern, Animal & Dairy Sciences, UW-Madison

Thu., Mar. 30
Dan Basse
President of AgResource Company

Training Sessions

Presenters and topics by week, with a brief description of each day's episode topic and featured presenter(s): 

Week 144: Communications Skills and Calf Care : (watch now)
Tuesday, January 24
Effectively communicating and resolving conflicts between current and incoming generations of leadership is key to business transition success. Tune in for a discussion of best practices, with a focus on providing constructive feedback and navigating challenging conversations. 

  • Nicole Bettinger Zeidler, Consultant, Family Business Consulting Group
Wednesday, January 25
How does your calf care team’s cleaning and sanitizing protocol need to change when temperatures drop below freezing? Learn about which adjustments need to be made so both calves and people stay safe and healthy during winter months. 
  • Dr. Don Sockett, Epidemiologist/Microbiologist at Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Thursday, January 26
Understand how clostridium type A impacts calves, from how it develops to how it is detected and managed during this interactive discussion. Dr. Lauer will also highlight “The five Cs of calf care protocol."
  • Dr. Vicky Lauer, Professional Services Veterinarian, Armor Animal Health

Week 143: Transition Cow,Bedding Management,Food System Research: (watch now)
Tuesday, January 17
Tune in for a “fact or fiction” episode focused on transition-cow management with an interactive discussion on some of the most common assumptions about cows during this critical period. 

  • Dr. Ryan Pralle, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Agriculture University of Wisconsin Platteville
Wednesday, January 18
Bedding types and management have a significant impact on bacteria counts, mastitis risk and milk quality. Learn how to benchmark bacteria counts in bedding materials and improve management to reduce mastitis risk. 
  • Dr. Sandra GoddenDVM, PhD, Professor, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota 
Thursday, January 19
What does the food chain expect from dairy producers? How can dairy producers be Future Ready™? Hear the results of qualitative research with leaders up the chain in our food system to understand what sustainability looks like to partners now and in the future. 
  • Linda Wenck, Principal, Director of Sustainable Food & Consumer Communications, MorganMyers
  • Shelly Mayer, Executive Director, Professional Dairy Producers

Week 142: Calf Social Housing, Insurance Coverage & Health Goals: (watch now)
Tuesday, January 10
As adoption of social housing of calves continues to expand across the industry, new methods and questions arise. Tune in for an interactive discussion of the challenges and opportunities of the practice, specifically focusing on practices that optimize calf behavior, nutrition and management in these systems.

  • Dr. Trevor DeVries, Ph.D., Professor and Canada Research Chair, Department of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph
Wednesday, January 11
January is an ideal time to review your insurance coverage for farm and other policies. Learn how to prevent yourself from being under-insured or over-insured, and understand the risks of both scenarios.
  • Sara Grade, Products and Product Training Manager, Rural Mutual Insurance Company
Thursday, January 12
Kickstart your wellness journey with a discussion of how to set, measure and meet your health goals, and how to get back on the bandwagon after a setback. 
  • Morgan Ekovich, Owner and Head Trainer, Get Fit with ME LLC

Week 141: Cold Weather Prep, Feed Additives & Market News: (watch now)
Tuesday, January 3
With winter weather upon us, ensure your entire team is prepared for working in it. Join in for a discussion on proper clothing and preparation for cold weather, as well as how to respond to injuries such as frost bite, hypothermia and more, and when to seek emergency care.

  • Dr. Steve R. Krikhorn, MD, Medical Director for AgriSafe Network, Senior Occupational Medicine Consultant for UMASH
Wednesday, January 4
Tune in to learn about a feed additive with an added bonus. Hear from a producer who has used Agolin additive for reducing methane in cows, its impact on feed efficiency and opportunities for producers to benefit financially and receive carbon credits for use. 
  • Peter Williams, CEO, Advantec Associates Inc., and Partner, Feedworks USA Ltd.
  • John Koepke, Koepke Farms, Oconomowoc, WI
Thursday, January 5
Start the New Year with a look at the latest news and analysis of agriculture and dairy markets and trends that will impact your operation and bottom line now and in the future. 

Week 140: Mitigate Stress, Heifer Maturity & Corn Silage N Use: (watch now)
Tuesday, December 27
Join in for an interactive discussion on navigating stress in today’s hectic world. Learn methods for handling and lowering stress, including the different types, causes and potential solutions for stressful situations. 

  • Monica McConkey, Rural Mental Health Counselor, Eyes on the Horizon Consulting
Wednesday, December 28
Milk production and other factors are impacted by heifer maturity, often described as the “Peter Pan problem,” referring to the cartoon character who fully matured. To offer insights on how to ensure heifers enter the milking string at the right time, this episode will take a look at whether heifers are given enough time to mature and if they should be fed more aggressively in early years. 
  • Dr. Gavin Staley, Technical Services Specialist, Diamond V
Thursday, December 29
Learn about a nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) trial in corn silage production that was completed during the 2022 growing season. Hear the results and insights for 2023 silage production. 
  • Matthew Oehmichen, Co-Owner, Short Lane AG Supply LLC
  • Mike Redetzke, Owner and Operator, Peaceful Creek Acres

Week 139: Holiday Trends, Calf Winter Stress & Market Update: (watch now)
Tuesday, December 20
Holiday entertaining season is here! Get the inside scoop on the butter board trend, ideas for creative charcuterie boards, and recommendations for both new and tried-and-true cheese pairings for gatherings of all sizes. 

  • Tina Peterson, Director of Wisconsin Communications for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin
Wednesday, December 21
Keeping the youngest members of your herd warm as winter temperatures drop is a top priority. Tune in and bring your questions for an interactive discussion on minimizing winter stress on calves and best practices during cold weather including calf jackets, bedding types, caloric intake and more. 
  • Dr. Theresa Ollivett, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Large Animal), Assistant Professor in Food Animal Production Medicine section at UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Thursday, December 22
With just a few days left in 2022, join in for a discussion on the latest updates in dairy exports, weather impact, market news and more. We’ll also discuss what impact those trends will have on your operation and the dairy industry in 2023. 
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

Week 138: Cold Safety, Transition Planning, Lending Decisions: (watch now)
Tuesday, December 13
As temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, ensure your entire team stays safe and healthy during the winter season. Tune in for the training, equipment and resources you need to prevent dehydration, frostbite, hypothermia and other cold-weather hazards.

  • Jim Versweyveld, MS, Farm Management Outreach Specialist, Division of Extension, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wednesday, December 14
Take a deep dive into business transition planning, including what a business transition plan should include, best practices, timelines and strategies for succession plans in passing the baton to the next generation. In addition, attorney Twohig will spotlight family considerations including how prenuptial agreements impact transition planning. 
  • George Twohig, Partner and Attorney at Twohig, Rietbrock, Schneider & Halbach Law Office
Thursday, December 15
Learn about farm lending from the other side of the banker’s desk in this episode. Two experienced lenders join us to share their perspectives on the processes, rules and parameters in lending decisions and how farmers can better prepare for discussions about loans and financial operations.
  • Jim Moriarty, Director Dairy Lending and Dairy Consulting, Compeer Financial
  • Dave Coggins, SVP Ag Banking, Nicolet National Bank

Week 137: New Vaccine Technologies and a Look Ahead to 2023: (watch now)
Tuesday, December 6
Learn more about the ins and outs of autogenous vaccines, including what they are, how they’re made, and how they work in the animal’s system. Bring your questions about when and how these custom vaccines are beneficial to a dairy’s overall herd health and production. 

  • Dr. Justin Kieffer, DVM, PhD, Clinical Veterinarian, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
Wednesday, December 7
With just a few weeks left of 2022, we’ll reflect on the year in terms of dairy markets and take a look ahead to the big supply, demand and production questions of 2023. The episode will also outline specific strategies and tools producers can use to manage risk and position themselves for success in the new year.
  • Will Babler, Principal, Atten Babler Commodities LLC 
Thursday, December 8
Join in for an interactive discussion on the latest news in dairy exports, pricing, markets and supply in The Dairy Signal’s bi-weekly market update. Hear about the factors what will drive global dairy markets in 2023 and how they’ll impact your operation. 
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

Week 136: Automation, Calf-Feeding Behavior, Retirement Strategy: (watch now)
Tuesday, November 29
A new generation of automation in agricultural machines and equipment has the potential to mitigate labor shortfalls across the dairy industry. However, the promise of these new technologies also comes with risks. Join the discussion for an overview of what’s ahead and how it might impact farms of every size. 

  • Dr. John Shutske, Professor and Extension Specialist in Biological Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wednesday, November 30
Tune in to the November “Rising Stars – Graduate Research Showcase” episode to hear about research connecting calves’ feeding behavior and health, and the potential for artificial intelligence and data from automatic calf feeders and other technologies to diagnose and monitor disease in calves. Episode sponsored by Balchem.
  • Dr. Melissa Cantor, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Population Medicine, University of Guelph
Thursday, December 1
Year-end tax planning is at the top of many dairy producers minds now. Hear about short- and long-term strategies for retirement savings, and learn the right questions to ask when considering off-farm investments. 
  • Sarah Wiersma, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Week 135: Don't get stuck in conflict and Market update: (watch now)
Tuesday, November 22
Since it’s not possible to completely avoid conflicts, let’s learn to manage, minimize and even use conflict as a competitive advantage in your business. Consultants Liz and Tim will help us understand where conflict comes from and how to optimize it in this interactive episode.

  • Liz Griffith, Market Development, Human Resource Consultant, Encore Consultants
  • Tim Schaefer, CFP, Certified Family Business Advisor, Certified Professional Business Coach, Encore Consultants
Wednesday, November 23
Tune in to hear what might impact dairy and commodity markets, exports and more as 2022 winds down. Bring your questions for an informative discussion on what you should be thinking about regarding your dairy business as we head into 2023.
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

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