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Gretchen Demulling
1733 90th Ave.
Dresser, Wisconsin 54009
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Feed Supervisor® - Creating feed management solution software for over 25 years! The feed management system that gives you complete control of dry mater Intake. Using the latest technology available, to deliver the exact targeted dry matter in every load, even with variables of changing cleanup and weather.
Truck Supervisor™- Inventory control at its best! A scan or click at scale, records purchased or havested loads in inventory. Track additional details: trucks, harvesters, fields, vendors, contracts, bin locations and more.
No truck scale? No problem - ask our specialist for details on Harvest Supervisor™!
Lameness has a serious impact on every dairy> A Hoof Supervisor System is an invaluable tool to easily record hoof trimming events, identify the hoof issues and the solutions. Makes everyone's job easier and saves cows. Records can be interfaced between HSS and various herd health programs.
KS Dairy Consulting >nutrition consulting at its best!