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Producer Spotlight

Katy Schultz

Tri-Fecta Farms
March 14th, 2018
Fox Lake, Wisconsin
The three siblings who run Tri-Fecta Farms in Fox Lake, Wis., have learned a lot from their parents. “Mom and dad made all decisions as a team when they owned the farm,” said Katy Schultz, who co-manages the 500-cow, 2000-acre farm with her brother Nick and sister Kari.
Their management approach is slightly different than their parents, trusting that each will make the right decisions in their own area of expertise. “My brother, sister and I depend on each other to make our decisions with the best interest of our animals, land, finances, and families at the forefront.”
Nick manages equipment, crops, fertilizers and grain marketing. Kari, who works part-time on the farm while maintaining a full-time job, manages all the numbers – bookkeeping, taxes and overall farm financial management.
“Anything with a heartbeat is my department,” Katy said.  “Our approach to decision-making works because we have a high level of trust and open communication.”
Growing up, the rule was the kids had to get a higher education and bring something of value back to the farm. They also had to work for someone else to understand what it’s like to be an employee. Afterward, they were given an opportunity to return to the family farm.
“My dad instilled in us a sense of pride in what we do and what it means for our futures,” she commented. “He and mom built the dairy on their own; now it’s up to our generation to take it to the next level.”
The long-term objective put forth by Katy, Nick and Kari is to do what they do better. For them, growth right now is not about expansion. They’re focused on producing better feed, and soil as well as optimal production, cow comfort and herd health.
The Tri-Fecta team takes advantage of PDPW programming to elevate their skills in their respective business areas. Both Nick and Katy have participated in PDPW dairy tours and programs over the years; Kari was a student in the inaugural class of Financial Literacy for Dairy.
Attending Annual Business Conference is also a priority. “Business Conference is the perfect mixture of networking with high-quality farmers, engaging with top-notch speakers and exploring world-renowned ag businesses and products,” Katy said.
Currently serving as Vice President on the Board of Directors, she’ll continue to reap the rewards as a dairy producer-member committed to lifelong learning – and the Tri-Fecta team will be on track to meet their business goals.