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David Mathes
1383 Arcadia Road, Suite 102
Lancaster, PA 17601
Product/Service Special:
Stop by our booth to sign up for a chance to win a 4,000 gram pail of First Arrival w/Encrypt (25 calves) and 6, Last Stand Paste tubes. A $500 value!

DBC Ag Products®, a proud PDPW sponsor, develops and delivers innovative, natural solutions that support digestive health and a healthy immune system to help dairy farmers raise healthy, fast growing calves.

Research shows that heifers fed right and that maintain normal health through 6-8 weeks can enter the herd early and pay you back down the road in increased milk production.

First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Powder contains the broadest range of eubiotics and other innovative ingredients (egg proteins, specialized whey solubles, probiotics, insoluble fibers, organic acids, essential oils) to help maintain normal digestive health and support a healthy immune system when fed to calves during the first 2-3 weeks of life.

Our Last Stand® w/ImmWave® Paste is designed with extra ingredients, including select milk proteins, MOS, Vitamin D and B vitamins to deliver fast-acting support for calves needing a rapid response.

Contact David Mathes, 717-951-8520 or visit www.dbcagproducts for more information.