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What is The Dairy Signal?

By Andy Buttles, Dairy producer and PDPW board member
Topic Category: Personal and Professional Development
Posted April 15, 2020
It’s during our most difficult and challenging times where leadership and leaders are needed the most.

When our PDPW board came together April 1st for its first teleconference to try and wrap our heads around this whole coronavirus situation, we could see how quickly information was being disseminated through the news and social media. So much of this information started to impact our dairy industry with no explanation of what was truly happening.

Our number-one priority is, and always has been, to our fellow dairy producers and the allied industry that supports them. We saw the need to develop an immediate resource that was easily accessible and would offer accurate and up-to-date information to help our producers understand and manage this situation to make informed decisions.

And that’s how The Dairy Signal™ came about. It was designed to bring our dairy industry together while providing free resources to help producers navigate through these uncharted waters.
The Dairy Signal is modeled after the “fireside chat” broadcasts given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression, just eight days after his inauguration. Roosevelt began that first address simply: “I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about banking.”
Journalist Robert Trout coined the phrase “fireside chat” to describe Roosevelt’s radio addresses, invoking an image of the president sitting by a fire in a living room, speaking earnestly to the American people about his hopes and dreams for the nation. In fact, Roosevelt took great care to make sure each address was accessible and understandable to all Americans.
And that’s the concept behind The Dairy Signal. For several weeks, we’re providing an ongoing series of free educational episodes to share insights and resources for fellow dairy farmers. Food-system professionals throughout the value chain are encouraged to utilize this resource as well; its purpose is to strengthen our dairy sector.
The episodes are live-streamed each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. CT. Dairy-financial and business experts will continue to break down the current dairy business and market dynamics, and offer tools to get farmers through the days and weeks ahead until the world around us stabilizes.
We don’t want anyone to bear the weight of this situation alone; we need to stay together and united and be a resource for each other. We hope you find The Dairy Signal a valuable tool to help you navigate your way through these unprecedented times.

The Dairy Signal was developed because of you; it’s designed to help you as dairy producers make informed decisions on your farm based on up-to-date news. If you have any content you want covered, feel free to call us anytime at 800-947-7379. We are here for you and together we will remain strong.
Content on The Dairy Signal™ will be updated as new information becomes available.