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Wisconsin Still Tops Nation in Mink Pelt Output

Wisconsin Ag Connection - July 17, 2017

The fur industry in Wisconsin continues to be strong. The latest numbers on mink production indicate that the state led the U.S. at 1.20 million pelts during 2016--about nine percent less than the previous year's harvest. Nonetheless, Wisconsin's production still accounted for 36 percent of the nation's total pelt output.

The number of females bred in Wisconsin to produce kits during the past year were was one percent higher at more than 257,000. That accounted for 35 percent of the U.S. total females bred.

The percentages of pelts produced in 2016 by color class were: Black at 61 percent, White at 10 percent, Mahogany at eight percent, and Blue Iris at 10 percent. The remaining color classes accounted for nine percent.

The report no longer indicates how many farms each state has, but Wisconsin led the nation in that category several years ago at around 70.

Nationally, mink pelt production during 2016 totaled 3.31 million pelts, down 10 percent from the year earlier. Females bred to produce kits totaled 740,810, down three percent from a year ago. The U.S. value of pelts produced during the crop year was $116, down two percent from 2015 levels.

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