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Walker Signs Another Order to Alleviate Propane Shortage

Wisconsin Ag Connection - December 29, 2017

Governor Scott Walker signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in Wisconsin in response to propane shortages and increased wait times to obtain propane. The governor's office says these challenges are partly due to the below-normal temperatures experienced across the Midwest, as well as on a shortage of drivers.

The order exempts drivers in the process of obtaining or transporting propane from certain federal and state requirements to mitigate the propane supply shortage.

"As Wisconsin faces extreme temperatures, we want to do everything we can to ensure people who rely on propane for heat have access to it," Walker said. "This executive order is a move to alleviate the propane shortage while ensuring the safety of drivers who are doing the important work of transporting it."

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles who are in the process of obtaining and transporting propane are now exempted from federal and Wisconsin hours-of-service requirements under the Wisconsin Administrative Code. This exemption applies to all highways in Wisconsin, including the national system of interstate and defense highways.

The exemptions begin immediately and expire on January 28.

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