Leadership Initiatives

This is PDPW working for you.

Milk flows across state lines. Issues ripple through an industry. In today's world of instantaneous communication, what happens in one segment of our industry impacts all of us.
You'll see us establishing model initiatives and collaborating with other organizations and stakeholders throughout the industry.

Raising up the next generation of qualified, enthusiastic dairy producers is critical to our industry's long-term success and sustainability.

Youth Leadership Derby®

Each year, PDPW hosts a Youth Leadership Derby®, which kindles the interest of high school students between 15-18 years old in dairy-related careers.

PDPW Enhanced Internship Program

The PDPW Enhanced Internship Program offers a platform and resource for collegiate-level students to partner with an active dairy farmer, in order to participate in an education, hands-on, on-farm professional experience.

PDPW Mentor Program

The PDPW Mentor Program is for college students attending four-year universities, technical schools and Short Course who want a new perspective or want to learn more about dairying. The best way to expand your on-farm experience and learning from farmers! The other great thing about the PDPW Mentor program is attending the PDPW Annual Business Conference in March. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with progressive dairy farmers and other dairy professionals from all over the country.

The goals of the PDPW Mentor Program are to increase opportunities for students, and to idea sharing with dairy farmers.

APPs is an on-farm educational experience designed to help educate people whose employment puts them in contact with farmers and others engaged in agriculture. Through a combined hands-on and classroom experience, we strive to build understanding between the farm and those who regulate or serve dairy producers in their daily work.

ACE is a partnership between the Wisconsin Towns Association and Wisconsin Counties Association that keeps producers and community leaders engaged in dialogue about important agricultural issues at the local level. Through seminars, farm tours and community Twilight Meetings, ACE fosters ongoing communication about the current and future role that dairy farms play in our local communities.

Dairy's Visible Voice® – leadership development through effective communications. Five hands-on training sessions support dairy producers as they live, work, and engage their communities. Modules include Leadership Through Active Listening, Sharing Your Message with the Media, Social Media Basics, Building a Proactive Communication Plan for Your Farm, and Preparing for a Crisis before it Happens.

Quality milk responsibly produced. This is our common brand, no matter the size and type of your dairy, or where you are located.

PDPW is growing a network of dairy producers across the country who can mobilize quickly to protect our brand. We call it the National Dairy Leaders Coalition, and it is all about producers sharing ideas and resources that help dairy producers succeed.

What Matters® is dairy farmers and veterinarians working together to ensure safe meat and milk. PDPW partners with the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association to lead the industry to more effective solutions beyond increased regulation.

We're proving that professional dairy farmers will not tolerate repeated violative residues and strive to improve performance. Farmers and veterinarians have proven that increased regulation doesn’t necessarily protect the consumer. Rather, proper protocols can, and we will do it - together.

PDPW established the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation in 2002. It is a stand-alone 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds and awards grants for educational initiatives in dairy communities throughout the United States. Click here to learn more about your legacy of learning through the dairy foundation.